One day in the life of the artificial intelligence

We live in the golden artificial intelligence (hereinafter – AI). A lot of people still think that times when machines will evolve and learn are far away. But let us just have a look at our everyday life to determine whether the future is here or not.

In the morning we wake up to the song that was recommended by the SPOTIFY app based on your songs that were played in the previous period. The alarm wakes you up when the time suits you best, because it analyzes your sleeping patterns. A Google map calculates for you the easiest and the fastest route to your destination, and shows current situation on the road.
Stop by to buy some coffee. Pay by credit card, you adjust your limits by yourself. When you open Facebook it pops up the news, that you will be interested in, interesting products, friends’ recommendations…. You have a friend in another country who speaks language you do not understand. In a matter of seconds Facebook can translate your message. You want to post an image that was taken last weekend, and AI recognizes your face and gives you suggestion to tag your friend on the photo and the location that the picture was taken.


As you scroll the news on Twitter it shows you news that you might be interested in, based on the algorithm. When checking the mail – spam has already been filtered and the only e-mails have left are the ones that you are interested in. And let us not forget that the mobile phone can now speak (Siri in iPhone) and can help you with any request. 


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