The future of Retail

On the 2nd of June a Swedish company Wheelys Café has launched its pilot project in Shanghai of its first mobile store that comes to you. With the Moby Mart app, the store can come to you, using only solar energy and operated remotely. The store itself has to offer products for current consumption, like: milk, bread, water, newspapers, coffee, medicine and other stuff. But more “serious” stuff also can be bought, such as laptops, footwear, and etc. Just place your order in advance, the drones will fly to the warehouse, and within minutes you will have your ordered delivered. Through the app you will get notified when you can take the order. But as we have said – matter of minutes.
Inside the store you will be welcomed by a hologram assistant, called Hol, who will be at your service. Connect the app to your credit card or your bank account and pay on-site without any cash.


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