Nordeus: “Serbian Google?“

There is no football fan who did not hear about Top Eleven. This game can already now go side by side with some classic games such as FIFA, PES, and Football Manager. However, what can be quite interesting to our readers is the fact that behind this game stands the Serbian company Nordeus. The story behind Nordeus, however, is not just another story about success. The story of Nordeus is a lesson about the attitude of individuals toward society.


Top Eleven

The success of Nordeus is demonstrated through their main product - Top Eleven.


Top Eleven is a game that is conceptually most similar to Fotball Manager. The player creates his own virtual football club and participates in all aspects of its development: first of all, the player runs the club as a manager, which involves creating a team, making tactics, guiding the training, running games. . . In addition, the player can buy and sell players, real stadium and supporting facilities, manage club finances, etc. The basic feature of this game is that it is played online. It first appeared on Facebook, and now it is available on mobile devices.



With over 150 million registered users, Top Eleven is one of the most successful online sport games ever made. The fact that the symbol of the game is Jose Mourinho himself shows how successful the game is. People from Nordeus say they asked for the best for their game and Mr. Special accepted their offer. In addition, according to the latest information, Nordeus has become a sponsor of the famous English football club Stoke City. Thus, strating the next season, the logo of Top Eleven will be on the left sleeve of Stouk jersey.




When you think about this global success of the game Top Eleven, you could not help to wonder “Well, what is the secret of Nordeus?“


Nordeus is a startup company founded in March 2010 in Belgrade. It was founded by Branko Milutinovic, Milan Jovovic and Ivan Stojisavljevic. Prior to the founding of Nordeus, the three of them worked for the Microsoft Development Center in Sweden. Having gained knowledge and experience, they have decided to return to Serbia and set up their own company.


With the growth of Top Eleven, their first game, the company itself became bigger.



Today, Nordeus has about 160 employees. A large part of their team is made up of young, talented and worthy people. Except in Belgrade, where the representative office is located, Nordeus has offices in London and Dublin.

Nordeus is also famous for the working conditions it provides for its employees. For example, the offices of this company are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and the atmosphere of the company is extremely relaxed and pleasant. Every employee is offered a variety of food and drinks, as well as interesting activities like table football and, of course, video games. Because of all of this, some people call Nordeus “Serbian Google“. The company explains that investing in working conditions is actually an investment in people, who, in their opinion, for undoubtedly represent the most valuable resource.


Socially responsible business


Without any dilemma, the success of Nordeus is truly amazing. However, this success is rooted in its socially responsible business (CSR). It is precisely this aspect of their business which deserves the most attention and sincerest admiration. 


Namely, Nordeus supports projects that improve society in Serbia. Their focus is on health and education projects. For example, Nordeus helped campaigns such as Battle for the Babies and Battle for Maternalists. Within these activities, Nordeus donated nearly 100.000€ for equipping General Hospital of the Health Center in Vranje in February 2015. Also, they donated about 160.000€ to the neonatal department and maternity department at the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Center Nis. Nordeus also helped Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic “Narodni front” by donating 20 million Serbian dinars to equip intensive care department. There is also a donation of 88.500€ for health institutions in Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Senta and Sombor. In addition to campaigns for Battle for the Babies and Maternity Warders, Nordeus also participates in UNICEF's inclusive education campaigns.


Nordeus - firma


With all of these donations, Nordeus did not only improve the conditions in health care facilities. They have also showed how to fight for a better society. In period when bad conditions in one society serve as a universal justification for failure, the team of this company fights this trend with its activities. They left Sweden, which many consider to be one of the most developed societies in Europe and they returned back to their country. Despite uneasy social circumstances, they have shown that work can bring worldwide success.


Although social conditions may indeed negatively affect the development of an individual, they must not be justification for failure, and this is proved by Branko, Milan and Ivan. In addition, with their socially responsible activities, they and their team remind us that society will not change and improve on its own. We are the society, and unless we show initiative, there will be no social progress!

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