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  13. This is for your own safety and that of everyone who uses this service 
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  15. As raising your voice. The use of capital letters is considered as raising your voice in internet shorthand
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We will not edit comments to remove objectionable content, so please ensure that your posting contains none of the above to avoid it being removed.

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From time to time the Terms of Use may be updated or changed so please make sure you check this page periodically.
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  1. The overall content of MATCHPOINT.RS, such as, indicatively and not exclusively, texts, graphics, trademarks, images (regardless of features), digital files and software, are the exclusive ownership of webpage MATCHPOINT.RS or of the content provides who are cooperating with the webpage, and is protected by the Serbian and Internationa laws on the protection of intellectual rights. Any indirect use of the webpage and of its contents, to benefit another business, commercial or not, without OWNERS written consent, is forbidden.
  2. The MATCHPOINT.EU provides a limited permit for access to and the use of webpage MATCHPOINT.RS, to communicate with the company. The visitors of MATCHPOINT.RS retain a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the main page MATCHPOINT.RS on a net location they own, provided that this hyperlink does not describe my webpage or its services in a false, degrading or otherwise unpleasant way. Any non-competent use interrupts the permit of use or access granted by MATCHPOINT.RS.
  3. In case of dispute as to the execution, interpretation or termination of this, both parties will attempt to reach a friendly settlement.
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However, the following acts are not permitted:

  1. Unattributed use of materials or plagiarism
  2. Loading copies of the documents onto a website
  3. Amending the documents in any way
  4. Using these materials for commercial gain in any way


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